What is a Fluff Post?

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Death Knight
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27 Sep 2004, 19:06 #1

So can anyone explain exactly what a fluff post is? Is that like where I talk about something that has nothing to do with an RPG or jump on another thread and go, "Hate psionics" or something?
Do people feel that I'm posting too many threads? I figure that I've got questions and comments and so far, people have had answers. Sometimes many answers. It's not like there are a bunch of threads with 0 replies with me going, "Is this thing on?"
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Ferret Dragon
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27 Sep 2004, 19:08 #2

Hmmm... for the most part I've found your posts spark interesting discussions and have been a positive contribution to the board.
Fluff posts, to me, are more along the line of things that don't contribute anything really.
Like, "Good idea." as the entire post or stuff like that.
Or posts that don't have any real point whatsoever.
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27 Sep 2004, 19:22 #3

Fluff posts, to me, are more along the line of things that don't contribute anything really.
Like, "Good idea." as the entire post or stuff like that.
Or "psionics sucks." Image Sangrolu AKA Psion
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27 Sep 2004, 19:40 #4

So can anyone explain exactly what a fluff post is?
This thread. The thread about over weight gamers. Half the posts in "Off Topic". And any post dealing with Death Tribble "ribbing".


Wycen Adamantite
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27 Sep 2004, 20:43 #5

A fluff post is in the eye of the beholder.Dawning Star for d20 Future

Damien the Bloodfeaster
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27 Sep 2004, 20:52 #6

I agree that a fluff post is one that is made just to post, and not have anything relevant to say.
Usually when someone fluff-posts around here, it's part of a deliberate effort to raise posting totals and ascend to higher ranks in the minion hierarchy (wraith, spectre, vampire, etc.).
Every so often, someone shows up and does this to boost their totals. In all cases but one, it levels off in the 1000-2000 post range, because people realize just how much work it takes to fluff-post enough to gain a new level.
And Joe, I don't consider any of the posts you've made to be "fluff posts." You post legitimate questions, and are interested in discussing peoples' answers. That to me does not constitute fluffing.

Fluffing is not to be confused with spamming (leaving a post solely to advertise for some other site), which is banned on these boards. You can always tell spammers because of both the content of their posts and the fact that such posts are the only thing they do; if you check their profile history, you'll even see that they bounce around to different boards posting the same thing. They get banned and their posts removed as soon as the moderators spot 'em.
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27 Sep 2004, 20:57 #7

There are some threads that are pretty "fluffy". The thread devoted to announcing when someone hits a new milestone is an example. But since the whole thread is devoted to the topic, I don't really see it as a big issue.
Slighltly more annoying are folks chiming in just to say "Right!" or "I agree" and what not.
Still, what makes a fluff post is very subjective.
I think your posts have been interesting, and on topic. The quantity has surprised some folks, but the content on all of them I have read has been substantive.Necromancer Games: Third Edition Rules - First Edition Body Count.
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Dire Flumph
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27 Sep 2004, 21:01 #8

this is a fluff post, and notice theres not any captlalization and no ponctuation

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27 Sep 2004, 21:27 #9

Do people feel that I'm posting too many threads?
Yes, I do ...
Now, don't get me wrong ... you do have several interesting threads and comments, but you are posting so many new topics that you are 'bumping' your own threads off the first page, and that in effect prevents many of them from getting a chance to develop into a full discussion where everyone has a chance to: a) see the post and b) contribute to the discussion. And when I say a 'full discussion', I mean one that really gets to the heart of the matter ... not just 10 or 15 posts of people saying "yes, no, or maybe" ... this is a discussion board after all. I also feel that many of your threads (which appear in this Forum) should be put in Off Topic, since they don't always have a direct question, comment about Necromancer Games.
I, for one, rarely check past the first page of a particular forum, because those toics are usually dead in the water and no one is interested in continuing them ... that is not to say they ARE dead in the water, but frankly, not everyone has time to go thru every post several pages back.
Just my opinion ... I know it may not be a popular stance, but I've never been one to court 'popularity'. Besides, the whole point of this place isn't a race to get to a new title.
I'd say just relax JoeG, enjoy your stay ... add to other people's threads for awhile instead of flooding us with new topics day after day after day (many that have been touched on before, I might add) and I think you'll be suprised how quickly you shall rise thru the ranks, if that's what you are concerned about Image , but more importantly - you'll get to know everyone here alot better and become part of the community instead of worrying about being 'the new vampire' on the block.
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Shining Knight
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27 Sep 2004, 22:01 #10

The exact definition of a fluff post does seem to vary from person to person - I'd say it's one with no meaningful content. I'm not going to claim to have never made one, but I do try to add some humour at least.Shut your cake hole, Skeet
Shut your cake hole, Skeet