What does Londar owe Alfguir?

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My players are real shy about looting Londar's treasure vault. They made a deal with Learah that they would get 1/2 of the treasure that's left over when Learah pays back Alfguir. Is it listed what Alfguir claims Londar owes him?

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Good question. Backstory stuff is useful - especially because right now Londar is an NPC in my game, living and interacting with the PCs. They will have already known him when he gets killed. Ideally I'm going to have them off hunting Greylock in VoLK when he dies to get the necessary time lag for looters - we will see.

Patrick Lawinger
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If I recall correctly I had Alfguir claiming he was owed 35,000 gp and using a variety of different forged documents to "prove" it. You can raise or lower this number as you see fit.
If he was involved I usually had him settling for less, partly to avoid any undue scrutiny, but also because, by this point, he feels lucky to get anything at all. Some of his business dealings are legit, making him rather difficult to ferret out as a crook.