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I'm just posting this in an effort to help Dragon reconstitute individual parties and carry on. Don't mistake it for anything official. Please post
here or in the other LD 2.0 thread as to your preference of continuing with your current character (or which of the current characters you'd choose if
limited to one) or starting a new character. If I haven't noted who you're covering for, you might post that so we can reach out to people. Once this
chart is filled in we'll have a better view on restructuring the groups.

Ursaphous (DM:?)

Ameane/Damien Continuing

Cordel/Nunziokneekapper Continuing (Conditionally)

Edana/Damien (LadyLeora) Continuing

Frimble/Spelunk Pixie Continuing

Modros (DM:?)

Eklan/Lord Metal-Demon Continuing

Deadeye/Zombee Continuing

Flail/MacPhail Continuing

Kransh/Brother Weasel Continuing

Belten/Lord Kelric Continuing

Hadleys Hope (DM:?)

Jaren/Lord Metal-Demon Character Retiring

Joecin/Green Slime Character Retiring (All Hail DM Green Slime!)

Lazarus/Guido1999 Continuing (Conditionally)

Traskar/Agladan Continuing

Badveig/ Guido1999 (Raikes) Character Retiring

Pyr Grythen (DM:?)

Lukas/Sparky 90 (Fortune's Fool) Character Retiring

Lyvaine/Eavy Metal Character Retiring

Zhorne/Sparky 90 Character Retiring

Rhyss/Sparky 90 Character Retiring

Daresido (DM:?)

Mardnab/BlackTom Character Retiring

Tebryn/BlueOneCultist Character Retiring

Tuer Sool (DM:?)

Aidan/Rob Noxious Continuing

Antharkis/Rob Noxious Character Retiring

Knorbin/Hydromaster113 Continuing


Arkan/Arkan Player Retiring

Lateam/Eavy Metal Continuing

Rooksarii/Rooksarii Continuing

New Level 1 Party (DM:?)

?/Blacktom New Character

Aecethyen/Sparky90 New Character

The Evil Party (DM:?)

Greemdun/ Serleran Continuing

?/Sessestophelzine New Character

?/Seppuku Squirrels New Character
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I believe it makes sense to retire Rhyyss, Lukas and Zhorne. No current players or PCs have much invested in them and letting them go doesn't destroy much in the way of of story. Besides the Pyr Grythen DM can always use them for an NPC party.
My first choice as a player would be to start afreash with a group of new PCs, but I would join an existing group if it helped to make up the numbers.

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So we need to resolve Damien, Rob, Guido, Eavy, LMD and BlueOneCultist in terms of multiple characters. Only a couple of those have PCs in two different parties, so we'll have to see about Dragon's call on the question serleran raised in the other thread. It looks like it wouldn't be too hard to get up a fresh party... one or two more interested players would do it. If the new characters were to come in at level 2 or 3, they'd be in a good position to join the unaffiliated group. And those retirements will likely eliminate some parties altogether, which sucks, but that means fewer DMs to coerce. MacPhail


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I'll play Belten long term but not Tebryn. I believe the only reason some of us had 2 characters is one was out of commission and Dragon was trying to keep us interested in the game until healing came along....

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Okay, you're probably not aware of it, but the Tuer Sool campaign fell apart before we got separated into groups for the "big room" encounter.
Our first DM got deployed to the Middle East, and the replacement DM just flaked, multiple times. The old, "Oh, no guys, I'm on top of it this time..." then he does disappearing act. At least three times. Really frustrating.
Of that group, there are two players left, myself and Hydro, but three characters, Aidan, Knorbin and Anthrakis.
Here's the thing, as we were orphans anyway, I spoke to Dragon and Damien, Ursaphous' DM and Party leader respectively, about Aidan and Knorbin joining that party. They were, at the time, cool with it. (This was many, many months ago.)
As I recall, though my little bandit was somewhat superfluous, they needed a Cleric, so it kinda worked out. I'd still like to do that.
As for Tuer Sool itself, there's nothing left of it, really, but a handful of ideas from two DMs ago. Someone would really have to convince me they had a passion to pick it back up for me to head down that road again. Otherwise, my Chaotic Bast-loving Scoundrel will wander elsewhere.
I wouldn't mind keeping Anthrakis, if he joins a different group, but I'm not worried about it. Aidan's my main concern, and frankly, after the BS with our last DM, I really want to stick with Dragon.
Edit: I guess Ursaphous isn't short a cleric, tho' I seem to remember them having a character die. (Thought it was a cleric) In any case, I don't want to abandon Hydro/Knorb, as he's stuck it out through a lot of BS, too. Obviously it's up to Hydro where he wants Knorb to go.
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I'm in Love with Death,

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In Ursaphous, we lost our monk (Old Blind Za) when the player bowed out, IIRC. Then our lovable half-orc barbarian, Krunk, died nobly in the cultist battle (Ameane will be devastated when she finds out).
Three PCs/players are still up in the air, though pixie (who was playing Krunk, and now the cleric Frimble) had been contributing fairly regularly. Not sure about nunzio or leora as of yet.
I would like to keep group sizes to about five PCs, six at the absolute maximum, but otherwise I'm open to you, Rob, or other players joining my group. And having two clerics in a group is no bad thing!
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I've mostly lost interest in Arkan. I might stick with him, or might start a new PC. Or I might just drop. I guess I'd like to see some DMs chime in with their ideas to help me get a sense of how play would go.

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Yes, it might help to know there are DMs, since, at the moment, it looks like the only one is dragonmajesty.------------------
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unless dragon has other plans, we will have at least 2 DMs, to help share the load.-----------------------------------------------------------
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...and in the end the mermaid was rescued (long story)...

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Who's on tap for DM's?