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Nyke (not yet known elf)

STR 12

INT 14

WIS 10+2=12

CON 12-2=10+2=12

DEX 16+2=18

CHR 10

Ken would add his 4 points somewhere...

hp=10+6+6+6+6+3+6=43 (w/o CON bonus)





AC 26(armor 5, shield spell 5, DEX 6)(20 flatfooted, 16 touch)

+11/+6 melee +1 elven courtblade d10+2(18-20/x2)+2 precision damage{lvl 7 values}

lvl 1: Swashbuckler 1

feats: weapon finesse, dodge(swashbuckler bonus lvl 1), mobility, child of the shadow (Savage Tide bonus)

skills (24 total): balance(4), climb(4), jump(4), knowledge(arcane(1), profession(sailor)(1), sense motive(3), swim(4), use rope(2)

lvl 2: Swashbuckler 2

feat: arcane stunt (feather fall 3/day)[lose grace feature]

skills (+6): balance(5), jump(5), swim(5), use rope(5)

lvl 3: Swashbuckler 3

feats: insightful strike, combat expertise

skills (+6): escape artist(5), sense motive(4)

lvl 4: Fighter 1

feats: spring attack, armored mage[lose medium and heavy armor proficiency]

skills (+4): climb(6), swim(7)

lvl 5: Fighter 2

feat: whirlwind attack

skills (+4): climb(8), profession(sailor)(2), swim(8)

lvl 6 : Wizard 1

feats: scribe scroll, combat casting[lose summon familiar], improved weapon familiarity

skills (+4): concentration(4)

lvl 7: Abjurant Champion 1

feats: abjurant armor, extended abjuration

skills (+4): concentration(8)


+1 mithril chain shirt-2100gp

+1 elven courtblade d10(18-20/x2) w/ closefighting blade d4(19-20/x2)(RoW pgs 165 & 166)-2250gp
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I'd let you add the 4 points to WIS, CON, or CHA at your discretion.

WTF is an elven courtblade? Isn't that an exotic weapon? I'll have to think about that one. This character doesn't exactly look overpowered, but


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I'll split the points between CON and WIS.

Improved weapon familiarity is a feat that gives a character access to his exotic racial weapons as martial weapons. It's from Races of Stone, pg. 141. The
elven courtblade, along with several other elven racial weapons, are found in Races of the Wild, pg. 165. The 2H elven courtblade is cool enough that I'd
use an exotic weapon proficiency to learn it if you thought the rest of the elven weapons were too much. Another idea would be to learn some exotic reach
weapon, but then I lose the weapon finesse synergy, as well as be a Yorlik wannabe.

Shoot, I was so aiming for overpowered. I actually found out how to make a 5th character with whirlwind attack!

If you didn't notice, I had planned at 6th lvl to swap the summon familiar wizard skill for a casting related feat, combat casting, if that's ok.

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Remember that two of the points in your 1d10+4 for your weapon are from the insightful strike class feature. As such, they do not apply when attacking a
creature not subject to critical hits/sneak attack, including oozes, constructs, and undead. These situations arise often enough that I have kept the insight
bonus damage listed separately on my character's attack/damage lines.

I considered a build a bit like yours, but I would have aimed for the Champion of Corellon Larethian prestige class instead. It has a class feature that lets
you add your Dex bonus to damage much like swashbuckler adds Int.

Another child of the shadow, eh? I wonder if Judan would recognize you...
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Actually, I had considered the great Elegant Strike of Corellon's Champion. Aside from requiring heavy armor proficiency(which costs me the armored mage
variant) and mounted combat (ugh), I decided to go for a different prestige class after Abjurant Champion. Yeah, you gotta plan ahead Image Also, I figured the
equivalent of an elven paladin might chap Ken off.

Good point on the insightful damage, Damien.

I figure Nyke's not so earliest memories are of the back alleys of Sasserine. A lengthy period at sea honed his martial skills, until a traveling elven
mage reminded him of his lost background and taught him his first magic trick (feather fall).

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NEW replacement - Level 8 - awaiting Ken's disapproval (silence is assent doncha know :))

Nynd (not yet named dragonkin [Draconomicon p150])

3rd lvl rogue/3rd lvl swashbuckler Dragonkin (+2 LA)

STR 16 (10 pts) + 8 (racial)  = 24
INT 10 (2 pts) + 4 (suspected Ken pts) =14
WIS 10 (2 pts) + 4 (racial) = 14
CON 10 (2 pts) + 2 (racial) = 12
DEX 16 (10 pts)+ 2 (racial)  + 1 (4th) = 19
CHR 10 (2 pts) + 2 (racial)  = 12

Hit Points: 7d8 (racial) + 3d6 (rogue) + 3d10 (swashbuckler) + 26 (CONxHD) = 93
AC:  32  (+5 chain shirt + 6 DEX + 1 dodge + 9 natural +2 shield - 1 large) [flat-footed 25, touch 16]

Fort 2 (racial) + 1 (rogue) + 3 (swashbuckler) + 2 CON = 8
Ref 5 (racial) + 3 (rogue) + 1 (swashbuckler) + 1 (competence from Grace) + 4 DEX = 14
Will 5 (racial) + 1 (rogue) + 1 (swashbuckler) + 2 WIS = 9

Size: large (10' space/10' reach)
Initiative: 4 feat + 4 DEX = +8
Speed: 20'/40' fly (good)
Alignment: neutral
Height: 8'6"  Weight: 320 lbs
Golden reddish scales on body, tending to dark red on hands and feet,  freckled golden face and wings

BAB 7 (racial) + 2 (rogue) + 3 (swashbuckler) = +12/ +19 grapple 

+18/+13/+8  +1 large adamantine short sword [1d8 + 8 + 2 (insightful strike) + 3d6 (sneak attack)]
+18/+13/+8  +1 large cold iron short sword [1d8 + 8 + 2 (insightful strike) + 3d6 (sneak attack)]
+18/+13/+8  claw attacks x 2 [1d6 + 7 + 2 (insightful strike) + 3d6 (sneak attack)]
+18  airborne rear claw attacks x 2 [1d6 + 7 + 2 (insightful strike) + 3d6 (sneak attack)] (-5 if also attacking with a weapon)
+16/+11/+6  +1 large composite, +7 STR longbow [2d6 + 8 + 3d6 (sneak attack)]

steadfast loyalty (Savage Tide bonus) +2 Will save vs. charm, compulsion and fear effects; +1 leadership
combat reflexes (racial) 
improved initiative (racial) +4 initiative
two weapon fighting (racial) main attacks and one off hand attacks @ -2
improved two weapon fighting (1st level) gain 2nd off hand attack @ -5
weapon finesse (swashbuckler 1st level)
dodge (campaign bonus - swashbuckler 1st level) DEX bonus x 1.5 to AC
daring outlaw (3rd level)
greater two weapon fighting (6th level) gain 3rd off hand attack @ -10

languages: Draconic, Common, Olmec, Aquan, Sueloise
detect magic at will (racial) (supernatural, level = HD)
sneak attack +3d6 (Daring Outlaw rogue + swashbuckler)
trapfinding (find traps with DC>20)
evasion (Ref save for no damage)
penetrating strike (lose trap sense, deal 1/2 sneak attack damage to target normally immune to SA when flanking) 
grace (+1 competence bonus to Ref saves)
insightful strike (add INT bonus as precision damage in melee with weapons usable with weapon  finesse)
shield of blades (lose dodge bonus, gain +2 shield bonus when wielding 2 light weapons)


Magic Items:
+1 mithril chain shirt (25 lb) (4200g)
amulet of natural armor +2 (8000g)
+1 large cold iron short sword (4 lb) (3340g)
+1 large adamantine short sword (4 lb) (4040g)
+1 large composite, +7 STR longbow (6 lb) (2150g)
Handy Haversack (5 lb) (2000g)
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1. Does your race allow you to ignore the BAB prerequisites for Improved and Greater TWF? The Improved one normally requires BAB +6, and the Greater version BAB +11.
2. I dunno if Ken will allow level-adjusted races like this; he hasn't before to my knowledge, but we are getting further into the campaign, so it could be he will now. You do fit in thematically with Volreff.
3. If he does allow dragonkin, ask about the level buyoff rules in Unearthed Arcana, that let you use XP at certain levels to buy off the level adjustment. Ultimately it's a better deal XP-wise then constantly being 2 levels behind the group. (In my opinion, LA +2 or greater races are pretty much never worth it without the buyoff option, as for all the abilities they tend to be too fragile to survive for long without a lot of support from allies).
4. I think Ken had disallowed Penetrating Strike, from Dungeonscape, but he did allow me to take the alternate class feature from Complete Champion that lets you SA undead at half damage dice. Then again, it's possible that I forgot to ask him. Definitely worth checking into, since it is superior in pretty much every way to that class feature (since penetrating strike, though it only works when flanking, also works vs. oozes, constructs, plants, elementals, etc.).
Wait a sec! You have 7 racial hit dice for dragonkin?? You realize that each of those counts as a level too, right? So a 7 HD + Swa 3 + Rog 3 +2 LA = a 15th level character!
As a 9th level character you could take an unclassed 7-HD monster with a LA +2, but that would be it.
At least the racial hit dice explains the BAB thing from #1 above.
If you want a dragon-themed race, you might try dragonwrought kobold (again, only if Ken allows it). Venerable dragonwrought kobolds are considered to be pretty cheesy, but my guess is that even if Ken allowed the race, you wouldn't be able to pick the age category.
Is there anything in particular you are going for with your backup PC? EG, a Judan-like Swashbuckler/Rogue who goes a more two-weapon fighting route? If so, most likely your character would be from some distant port, and has had some shipboard experience to reach Farshore. (I can't imagine many of the native tribesmen being swashbucklers.)
Another option would be to create a native Olman character. I'm guessing in that case you'd be more likely to be doing a human barbarian/rogue hybrid.
You might be able to convince Ken to let you (or someone) run a catfolk PC, possibly the scion of the dead rakasta, perhaps one of a handful of survivors who fled their home when disaster overtook them, and now returning because signs/portents/whatever hinted that their ruined village had been broached. Catfolk are LA +1 I believe, but get +4 Dex and access to the catfolk pounce feat. A catfolk would make a good rogue or ranger/rogue type. Or maybe take just rogue, then after joining the group multiclass into swash until you can take Daring Outlaw.
For my backup character, I'm currently contemplating a native Olman spirit shaman (a divine spontaneous caster that draws from the druid spell list, found in Complete Divine). A wizard or cleric necromancer might be another possibility (i.e., an Olman village zombie master!).
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Quercus  Laurifolia - lawful good 9th level Oakling monk

STR: 16 (10 pts) + 2 (racial) + 2 (4th & 8th lvl) + 2 (item) = 22
INT: 13 (3 pts)
WIS: 14 (5 pts) + 2 (racial) + 2 (item) = 18
CON: 14 (5 pts)
DEX: 14 (5 pts) + 4 (item) = 18
CHR: 10 - 2 (racial) + 4 (presumed Ken pts) = 12

hps: 8 + 8x5 + 9x2 (CON) + 9 (favored class) = 75
AC: 10 + 6 (DEXx1.5) + 4 (WIS) + 2 (monk AC bonus)  + 1 (monk's robe) = 23 + 2 (racial natural armor at
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Umm...no 'Oaklings'. Where did you even find that?


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Oakling, saurian, ratling, half-ogre, and high goblin are all 3rd party races from the Pathfinder SRD.