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The underbrush crackles, breaking around a frantically rushing and sweating half-elf. Occassionally, glancing back, behind himself into the darkness, the
runner pants, continuing, onward moving and breathing heavily. A hand wiping his brow, then swinging next to D'vyarn's body as he presses forward,
swimming through the thick branching of verdant life. Sharp thorns and breaking twigs continue gouging and gashing his exposed flesh as he clutches his
bleeding thigh. His breathing erratic and troubled, as he breaks into an opening. Stumbling forward, he yells behind himself, "STAY BACK, STAY BACK FIEND!" He turns swiftly back to his path just in time to see a protruding root... he stumbles, trips, and rolls
down the slight slope through the low-lying ground cover. Gasping for breath, drenched in a mix of sweat, blood, and mud, he picks himself up slowly, lurching
forward, then stops, glancing forward at a dusty road, cleared and dirty, but forgiving looking.

From behind him, something sinister slinks forward, slowly stalking, slowly slipping ever closer to its prey, the wounded and bleeding half-elf in the thick.

D'vyarn hurries to make the road, hearing what he thinks is the clatter of an approaching wagon. His pace quickened by hope, and he falls quickly into the
ditch lining the road, half full of water and rotting leaves. Before he can pull himself up, he hears the crack of twigs behind him... he furiously scrapes at
the ditch bank, trying to climb to the road... only to be yanked, ripped back into the ditch as he screams... once, twice, then silence.

Birds take to flight, squawking into the sky. The wind calms the leaves, stillness falls over them. Death has come again, nature has again righted itself...
but perhaps with help.

Meanwhile... a few miles away, at a camp beneath a stand of beech trees, bodies lie strewn across crates, pressed against stumps, bent backward over trunks of
felled trees. One body pulling itself slowly over a log, gripping at the roughed bark, lips whispering ancient words that seem to linger, hanging in the hair
and held there, as if to be carried away with the greatest of intents to safety, to someone who maybe able to help.

A rusted metal covered foot crashes down on the arm, grinding into the flesh, breaking any semblance of bone... and the body groans in pain. The figure
standing over the broken, leans down and grabbing the hair, pulls upward... "Where is it? Where are you hiding it?"
The body, dwarven and male, groans as blood sputters from his mouth, "I don't know... I don't

"Fool," the hand pushes his head down, and moves to load a dark oaken hand crossbow. The tip of the bolt shimmers,
gleaming with a point of some hidden, and misguided energy trapped inside. "Then you shall tell no one... any of
The bolt hurdles into the back of the dwarf's head, the blood begins to sizzle and bursts into flames, consuming the body slowly,
searing clothes to the skin.


A young, female elf trods slowly through the woods, pushing aside the branches of the underbrush, blazing a trail, following the sun's path in the sky.
Yet, as the trekking Aecethyen walks silently through the wooded land, an uneasiness creeps into her legs and chest. Animals seem to be fleeing something,
many of their paths opposite of her own, and hurried more than her as well.
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Aecethyen made her way through the forest making good time and foraged for roots and berries to supplement her meager rations. Her routine was unbroken until
one day she felt a foreboding within her. The signals of the forest suggested that all was not well. The animals were behaving strangely and the birds had
gone quite. She stopped and unslung her bow, notching an arrow. Carefully she eased into the undergrowth and scanned her surroundings for the source of the


Ready and load longbow, Hide (+2) and scan the area for the source of trouble. Spot (+5), Listen (+5), Survival (+3), Knowledge(nature) (+2) maybe
Knowledge(arcana) (+2), Knowledge(religion) (+2), Knowledge(the planes) (+2).

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Aecethyen nestles in among the thick, bow drawn, arrow knocked, her mind focusing on the tasks of the wood ahead of her. Her thoughts cut through the cloud of
moving animals, the noise, as she recalls teachings that disturbances, often man-made, drive animals away just as swiftly as predators do. Peeking over the
thick growth, she can see ahead of her about 100 feet or so, bobbing up and down through the undergrowth as it moves toward her, the form of a leather helmet
covered head. With the form temporarily stopped, Aecethyen can hear its labored breathing and make out that it is human, as it turns its head to look as if it
heard something.

"Is someone there?" A female voice escapes the form's lips and asks into the woods. Startled, she turns quickly as
a deer bounds through the undergrowth between Aecethyen and itself. "Is someone there? I mean no harm... I am injured... in no
condition to fight you..."
The form continues slowly through the thick, Aecethyen can hear the sound of branches scraping against metal as the
form continues toward Aecethyen and to the left. "Darn woods, such tricks it plays on the ears." Almost as if willed
by nature, and no sooner has the female finish saying that, then a wind blows abruptly into her face, pushing up leaves and dust.

Aecethyen can hear in the faint wind, a familiar voice, a distant woman for whom her life is owed... "in pain,... she travels,...
help her..."

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Aecethyen felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she felt the rightness of the words that were whispered
in the wind. Maybe this was the start of the task that was before her. Nodding to herself she stood, bow ready but pointing at the ground. Calmly she spoke.
"The forest has many dangers and can be tricksome for those without knowledge of her ways, but she can also provide
succour and great comfort to those that understand her." Aecethyen gestured to the armoured figure. "You are injured?"

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Startled by the sudden appearance of another, the armored woman readies herself for possible combat, but with no weapon and no shield, she does not make for
much of a forboding target given Aecethyen's drawn bow. The woman takes a moment to look Aecethyen over before speaking, "Are
you real, or a tricksy messenger blown in by the winds of Ehlonna and Obad-hai?"
She gazes at Aecethyen, then falters in her standing a moment
before dropping to her knees in the undergrowth. The saving hand of nature itself seems to lift from the woman, as the stress, the travel, and whatever combat
she has come from has finally taken a toll great enough on her that she can no longer press on, she slumps over in the thick twiggy dogwood growth.
"Please... help me..."

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Aecethyen smiled slightly at the mention of the Goddess' name but concern crossed her face as the woman collapsed. Moving to her side Aecethyen knelt and
after a brief inspection laid her hands upon the human and called upon the Lady of the woods to intercede.


swap out Magic Weapon for a Cure Light Wounds spell (1d8+1).

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Aecethyen kneels beside the woman, who with eyes closed has breathing that grows more shallow, checking over her murky green and brown leather clad body, thin
metal plates over the fronts of her shins and forearms. Blood trickles from gashes and gouges in the side of her torso and upper thigh, Aecethyen can tell
they are not made by any animal's claw or horn that she knows of. The woman gasps and grips Aecethyen's arm, pressing her helmed head back into the
ground as the healing magic returns vigor to her broken body in a display of lightly colored leaves and insects crawling over her body, popping at the point of
wounds. Her eyes burst open, and gaze over at her healer. "Thank you," she looks up at Aecethyen, exhales deeply, and
starts to push herself to her feet. "We must keep moving... they left me for dead, I must tell the guards at Birchbark

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Aecethyen stood and then slowly raised her hand to stop the woman moving off. Her brow furrowed in concentration. "There is time to take stock of the situation before moving off. Besides, the direction that you were heading would take you
deep into virgin forest and it would be many days of travel before you would find civilization. I have passed that way myself and although this part of the
forest is strange to me I know her moods and know what uninhabited forest feels like. I believe you must have been turned around and missed you direction.
Perhaps together we may find the right path. Maybe if you tell me who 'they' are and what 'Birchbark Outpost' is I could be more
help." Aecethyen smiled at the woman and hoped that she had spoken fairly as she had had few dealings with humans - or indeed most other races -
while growing up in the forest. "I am Aecethyen." she added as an after thought.


Diplomacy (+0) for what it's worth. Sorry if I overstepped my brief a little but the woman was traveling towards Aecethyen and Aecethyen had been
traveling though the forest for some days.

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"I am Eshea, out with some druids and loggers collecting darkwood that we'd felled a few weeks ago." She pulls
herself over to a tree, then pulls her gloves and helm off, places them together at the base. Her hair tightly braided and tied with a hemp string, as she
starts to pick off leaves, twigs and mud that have gotten stuck to her.

"Marauders attacked us shortly after we got to the logging camp. Not sure where they all came from, I tried to defend myself, but
was forced to run. I may be the only one who did, I have always been a little cowardice... but why?"
She tips her head up, tears on her cheeks,
as she looks at Aecethyen. "As for the outpost, it is the closest semblance of civilization in this part of the forest, until you
get to Pyr Grythen... the safest place in these woods."

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Aecethyen frowned at the thought of logging in the forest but then reasoned that if druids were involved then it would be a harvest of bounty rather than a
desecration. "These marauders - have you any idea as to what race they belong to, or what creatures they were? ...
And they just came and attacked? ... Were they after something that you could see?" She sighed, "Sorry
for all the questions, I'm just trying to pull my thoughts on this together." She pondered thinking that Eshea's idea of the outpost as
being a place of safety in the wild forest was very different from her own, but Aecethyen also understood that Eshea's people needed to be told of the

"I'm guessing that Pyr Grythen must be some larger settlement, but is too far to easily reach. We will try to
head for the outpost so you can get word to those that need to know." Aecethyen cleared a place on the ground of fallen leaves and twigs leaving
bare earth. Picking up a larger stick she handed it to the woman. "As I said I'm a stranger to this part of
the forest but if you can draw a map of the area with the logging camp and the outpost marked we maybe able to work out how you have been turned about in the
woods and which is the correct direction to find the outpost."