Belten Steelcaller Dwarven Ftr 3/Rog 3 SotD

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Lord Kelric
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Belten Steelcaller, Male Dwarven Ftr3/Rog3

Lord Kelric

Size: M

HD: 3d6 + 2d10 + 1d12 + 15

hp: 56

Init: +1

Spd: 20 ft.

AC: 21

(AC Flat-footed: 20; AC Touch: 14)

BAB: +5

Base Attack: +8 melee, +6 ranged


+10 Dwarven Waraxe of Fire +1, 1d10+1d6(fire)+4 (x3)

+8 Warhammer, 1d8+3 (x3)

+9 MW Dagger, 1d4+3 (19-20/x2)

+7 Crossbow (light,MW), 1d8 (19-20/x2), 80 ft


Save: Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +4 (+2 saving throws
against poison, +2 saving throws against spells and spell-like effects)

Attributes: Dwarf +2 Con, -2 Cha

Str 17 +3

Dex 13 +1

Con 16 +3

Int 14 +2

Wis 13 +1

Cha 6 -2

Skill Points:


Appraise (6) +8 (+10 for stone or metal items, +12 for armor or shield (synergy bonus), additional +2 when using magnifying glass or merchants scales)

Climb (4) +7

Craft, Armorsmithing (10) +12 (+14 with metal armor, additional +2 when using MW artisans tools)

Disable Device (8) +10 (+12 MW Thieves Tools)

Jump (4) +7

Knowledge, Dungeoneering (4) +6

Listen (6) +7

Open Lock (8) +9 (+11 MW Thieves Tools)

Search (8) +10 (+12 to notice unusual stonework)

Spot (7) +8 (+13 with Eyes of the Eagle)

Swim (4) +7

Use Rope (3) +4

Check penalties -5 Banded Mail


Earth Sense, Earth Adept, Earth Master, Axe Focus, Shield Specialization (Heavy shield), Shield Ward, Heavy Armor

Languages: Dwarven, Common, Orc,

Special Abilities:

Dwarf Abilities:

Darkvision 60 ft

Stonecunning +2 Search check

Weapon Familiarity Dwarven waraxe and urgosh treated as martial weapons

Stability +4 against bull rush or trip

+2 saving throws against poison

+2 saving throws against spells and spell-like effects

+1 attack against orcs and goblinoids

+4 dodge bonus against giant type monsters

+2 bonus on Appraise checks relating to stone or metal items

+2 bonus on Craft checks relating to stone or metal

Dwarven Fighter Racial Substitution, Level 1

Rogue Abilities:

Variant Class: Gain: Bonus feats (as fighter) Lose: Sneak attack


Evasion (N/A in Heavy Armor)

Trap Sense +1


Armor and Clothing

Banded Mail (+6) (35 lb)

Shield, heavy steel (+3) (15 lb)

Shield +1, light (steel) (2) (6lb)

Explorers Outfit


+1 Dwarven Waraxe of Fire (8lb)

MW Light Crossbow(4 lb)

2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds

Warhammer (5 lb)


3 Cases of Crossbow Bolts (30 Bolts Total) (3 lb)

Thieves Tools, MW (2 lb)

Backpack (2 lb)

Bedroll (5 lb)

Blanket, winter (3 lb)

Belt Pouch (2) (1 lb)

Rope, Silk (50 Feet) (5 lb)

Sacks (2, Empty) (1 lb)

Trail Rations (10 Days) (10 lb)

Flint and Steel (Negligible)

Signal Whistle (Negligible)

Whetstone (Negligible)

Waterskin (5, Full) (20 lb)

Scales, merchants (1 lb)

Magnifying glass (Negligible)

Climbers kit (5 lb)

Gold Bracelet (magical?)

Total weight: 153lb

Max weight: 260lb

Items left at current campsite

Sacks (3, Empty) (1.5 lb)

Saddle, Pack (15 lb)

Saddlebags (8 lb)

Feed (10 Days) (100 lb)

Waterskin (5, Full) (20 lb)

Artisan's Tools, MW (5 lb)

Shovel (8 lb)

Sledge (10 lb)

Crowbar (5 lb)

Sunrod (5) (5 lb)

Lantern, hooded (2 lb)

Oil (5 1-pint flasks) (5 lb)

Magic Items

Eyes of the Eagle (+5 Spot)

2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds

Money: 376 GP, 782 SP, 8 CP (23.32lb)


There is just no nice way to put it, Belten was ugly...even for a dwarf. The fact that the left side of his face is a mass of scar tissue doesn't help
matters either. Belten stands 4 3 with curly black hair and a full beard on half of his face, scraggly looking on the other. He will be found with his armor on
almost 24/7, as you never know when somebody will try slipping a blade in your back. In addition to the armor you can see a shield and crossbow slung across
his back, a waraxe hanging from his right hip, a warhammer from the left, and a back-pack for his supplies.


Belten grew up just like any other dwarf in his conclave....learning about stonework, the dangers of the underground, and what it means to be a dwarf from the
elders, swimming in the great underground lakes with his friends, putting up with their teasing about how ugly he looked, and what a big nose you have!, and
watching his father work at the Forge, making armor for the dwarven regulars who protected the conclave from the raids of the orcs. In addition Belten liked
spending time with their neighbor Grundolt, the conclave locksmith. Unlike his friends, Grundolt never teased him about being ugly, or his nose. When Belten
wasn't hard at work learning the Forge, he liked to learn about locks, how they work, how to open them, from Grundolt. He soon found he had a talent for
opening locks and it soon became a game between Grundolt and Belten to see who could open a lock the quickest. Belten never won, but it still was a challenge,
quite different from the hard labor at the Forge.

Then one day, the Accident happened. To this day Belten is not sure what happened, but while learning the Craft from his father one of the smelters exploded.
Belten was showered with hot molten steel, burning most of the left side of his body, ruining his left eye. It was only by the grace of the great Dwarven gods
that the great Dwarven Cleric Valeck was at the Forge, inquiring about an order for mail he had placed. Valeck was able to save Belten's life, healing his
eye in the process. However, the god's grace didn't extend to completely heal the burns, leaving Belten's face, left shoulder and chest a mass of
scar tissue.

Belten soon recovered enough to start back at the Forge, but instead of his friends teasing him, they now where overly polite, asking how he was, did he need
anything, etc. But they always shied away from looking at his face. Belten soon wished they would go back to teasing him, not treating him like an invalid. He
soon left the Forge to escape not only the teasing, but also the reminder of the Accident. Belten joined the dwarven regulars and began training as a heavy
scout. His attention to detail, which he learned both from his father and Grundolt soon paid off as he quickly learned how to spot ambushes, find and disarm
the devious traps of the orcs, and how to use the martial weapons of the dwarf.

Belten gained much experience during this time, but a thirst for adventure began to grow. Soon he realized that regular drills with only sporadic combat would
not quench this thirst. Belten then made his goodbyes and set out for Modros to earn his fame.

XP: 15020

Next Level At: 21000

Campaign Log:

??/??/?? 1751 xp For escaping the slave pit and joining the Modros group and ensuing combat.

09/14/05 430 xp Combat/Roleplay for initial encounter in the mysterious dungeon.

10/24/05 225 xp Combat for second encounter with the flying beastie

12/22/05 900 xp Room 1 misc

01/19/06 445 xp Balancing award

05/18/08 bumped to 14625 after Battle Royal in the temple

07/31/08 bumped to 15020 from RP in temple area
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LUCK = 15 (+2)



Luck - Luck
a new 7th ability that I use in my game, which generates a modifier just as the other ability scores do. The purpose of the Luck modifier to twofold
- it represents the characters Luck Points and Fate Points. First, the Luck Points can be utilized once per day to modify an otherwise bad roll (for instance
to avoid a Fumble, a missed skill check or a missed Save, or any non-lethal situation, etc.). Once expended, Luck points return to the player the following
day. Fate Points represent the favour of the gods, the fickle hand of Fate, sheer blind luck, or perhaps
something else altogether. Whenever something catastrophic happens to you (meaning a "certain death" situation), you can spend a Fate Point to
overcome or avoid it (for instance, if you die horribly from a dragon's fiery breath, if you fail a saving throw against a spider's lethal poison, if
you fall into a bottomless pit, or if you die when teleported to the plane of unknowingly sufferable pain and death, etc.). That's what you should spend a
Fate Point to do - avoid the death of your heroic character. I will decide what the game-result is should you need to spend a Fate Point. Be forewarned, once
you spend a Fate Point, it's gone forever - it cannot be recovered by any means short of a Wish. When you have spent all your Fate Points, you
have exhausted your heroic ability to avert terrible danger and cheat fate. Fate Points are powerful things, so use them wisely and only when necessary.

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